NIGHT 2019 is the biggest cultural event in Plovdiv and it is visited by more than 40 000 people. One of the highlights of the NIGHT 2019 festival held on 13-15 September was the event ‘Human Library, Community, Communication, Common space’ organised by CVS Bulgaria and UNHCR. Risk Monitor took part in the event and presented the INTEGRA project.

The Human library is a method which aims to address people’s prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet. The organisation uses a library analogy of lending people rather than books. These people have experienced prejudice, like social exclusion or stigma, and participants can ask them questions so as to learn about the other person and also challenge their own prejudices.

The Human Library event in the framework of NIGHTposed migrants as books and attracted hundreds of visitors who sat down with one or more books and read their stories. The event was very emotional and many people who met a refugee for a first time came back to ask how they could support and be more involved with migrants integration in Bulgaria.